Q. Why does the library matter when I have the internet?
A. Unlike much of the internet, the library is a credible source of information. In a Pew study, people listed librarians as the #1 person they trust.

Q. Why should I give money to something my taxes already pay for?
A. City dollars cover many basics such as facilities and staff. But to fulfill our vision of taking the library from good to great by bringing in many value-added services, private donations are needed to bridge the gap.

Q. What types of donations can the library foundation accept?
A. The foundation accepts gifts of cash, securities, real estate and cash-value life insurance policies. We can also assist you with arranging the transfer of stocks, or to discuss establishing trusts or other planned giving opportunities. The foundation is also pleased to process corporate matching gift requests.

Q. Do other cities have these foundations?
A. There are a number of foundations supporting libraries around the country and in this region, including Northern Virginia, Raleigh and Charlotte.

Q. How many people are actually using the library?
A. Hundreds of thousands per year!