The Virginia Beach Library Foundation secures, manages, and invests privately raised funds, gifts, and bequests in support of Virginia Beach Public Library.


Founded in 1982 as the Virginia Beach Library Endowment Foundation, the organization began with the goal of establishing an endowment that would provide additional funding for Virginia Beach Public Library above and beyond the operating funds budgeted by the City of Virginia Beach. Since then, the role (and name) of the organization has expanded beyond the stewardship of its endowment. The Virginia Beach Library Foundation serves as the charitable arm of Virginia Beach Public Library. It accepts all donations made to the library, applies for grant and foundation funding, and continues to manage its endowment. Through these fundraising efforts, the Foundation supports programs and resources for the library, especially in the areas of youth and family programming and technology and capital improvements.

Virginia Beach Public Library is beloved in our community, and the Virginia Beach Library Foundation exists to ensure that it has the resources that people want and need today, tomorrow, and always.